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Day 4: How I’m doing Write31Days + Meng Menu + My crazy life

The beginning of our story starts here.

It’s a catch-all post today because it’s now 9:28pm and I committed to doing this Write31Days thing and, dang it, I’m going to do it!

Writing this post is really just a convenient excuse to stop grading for today. I’ve lost count of how many papers I’ve graded in the past 48 hours days. 21? 22? And not done yet…#Ishouldhavepickedadifferentcareer


We are on Day 4 of Write31Days. The first two days were surprisingly easy! Ok, not easy. It is hard to get up at 6am to write but “adding” an hour to my day was the only way that I could do this challenge.
Writing every day has been great! I feel so fulfilled and accomplished. I mean, I graded 12 papers yesterday, ya’ll, but it was only after I published my blog post that I felt like I had really accomplished something.

So yeah. Challenging but great!

Until today. Write31…what?
My to-do list was a mile long. Today was two week menu planning/grocery shopping. I have a whole class of papers to grade before 11:59pm on Monday; my baby is having a reaction to an antibiotic he’s taking for an ear infection and had horrific diarrhea yesterday (10-12 times) and has the mother-of-all-diaper rashes (it is serious. He screamed his head off every time I changed his diaper yesterday. A bit better today but I am calling the doctor tomorrow) and I was up three times last night with him.

So, here I am, writing this diary-eque post (and tacking on our 2 week menu at the end) instead of carefully crafting out Benji’s story.

But that’s real life. And the challenge was to write for 31 days in a row and I am still doing that, right? Right.

This is going to be a challenge.

At least my dinners are planned for the next 2 weeks and my mega grocery trip is now in the past. Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 9.26.40 PMStay posted. Benji’s Story will continue tomorrow! Thanks for reading everyone!


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