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8 Things that Didn’t Work for me in 2015 (continued)

Whew! Yesterday’s post got long so I’m doing Part 2 today.

I’ve already talked about how…
Dinner Dishes
Bedtime Routine
…needed a makeover this year.


4. Sleeping Arrangements
The Problem: Eli has been sleeping in my room since he was born. It makes me sad to say this is a problem but to be honest, it really isn’t working anymore. My baby boy just turned one on Dec 23 and Mama is ready for more sleep at night.

I think he has slept through the night about 4 times in the last 12 months.

Oh, this precious baby! If only sleep and babies went together…


The Solution: Transitions always suck (when is it the right time???) But with moving babies to their own room, I learned that you just have to do it, like ripping off a bandaid.
We moved him into his own room about a week ago. Sleep has been better (waking up 1-2 times a night, as opposed to 4-5) but not perfect (ha! With kids, when is sleep ever perfect?)

But here’s to transitions and more sleep in 2016.

5. Snacking
The Problem: I don’t snack enough. Yeah, I know this may seem like an odd problem to have, but my body starts to crash mid afternoon and I get really cranky, lethargic, and flat-out exhausted riiiiiiight around the time the boys get home from school at 3:30. Convenient right?

The Solution: I need to be more consistent about eating a snack right before they get home. Snack + Coffee is even better. Honestly, I usually forget, but I am a much nicer Mommy when I’ve eaten something and have a little caffeine in my system to help me tackle the afternoon challenges of homework, post-nap babies (mama! mama! hold me hold me!), and dinner prep.

6. Eating Out
The Problem: Oh, how I wish this was not a problem! For the past few years, Friday Night has been a blessed break from cooking for me. But as Aaron and I are making some goals for 2016, we knew that saving money needed to be more of a priority. And, let’s face it, my twins have huge appetites (and are only going to get bigger! AK!). Eating out has progressively gotten more and more expensive.

The Solution: We decided to eat out twice a month, instead of every week. One Friday we will eat out as a family and the other Friday Aaron and I will go out as a couple. I am pretty excited about this idea since our childless meals (aka date nights) were hit and miss last year.

I’ll miss eating out each week (we rarely do fast food or any other meals out) but I am planning simple meals like frozen pizza and salad on the Fridays when we’ll be at home.

7. Reading
The Problem: I keep a reading log of all the books I read each year and last year was an all-time low. I only read 10 books in the whole year. For me, this feels pathetic. I mean, I have my MA in English. I DO reading.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.56.34 PM
My tiny reading log for 2015

But I also “do” 4 kids, plus online teaching, plus+plus+plus so…I’m claiming these 10 books!

The Solution: I want to be more intentional about my reading. I think part of the problem is that I often don’t know what to read next.

Since I keep a running list of books I want to read on the desk top of my computer (Thank you Stickies), I recently went our public library’s webpage and looked up the books I want to read.
I put an asterisks beside the title if the library has the book on the shelf. This gives me a plan so the next time I go to the library, I can just choose a book off my list. I can order the others through Inter-library Loan (which is really easy to do via the website too).

The other half of the battle, of course, is finding the time to read.

I’ve been trying to intentionally read before I go to sleep. It helps me relax, turn off my ever-whirring brain, and detox from all the screen time of the day (especially important when I’m in the middle of my online teaching terms).
I love reading in bed but sometimes I stay up too late to justify a few chapters. I need to work on going to bed at a decent hour so I have time time to relax and enjoy reading with guilt.

8. Doing What Makes Me Happy
The Problem: I was in survival mode all last year. I could barely see beyond the tasks of each day, let alone the week. Making time to do things I loved, like reading, sewing, spending time with friends, or writing was the exception, not the rule.

I tried to recapture a part of myself when I did the Write 31 Days challenge in October. The challenge was extremely hard, but incredibly rewarding too. Writing every day that month made me really happy. I felt more fulfilled and accomplished than I had in a long, long time.

It was weird though. For the first week or so, I actually felt selfish for writing every day, for doing something that made me so happy, for actually taking time to do something I loved.

It took the discipline of doing it every day to get over this twisted perception.
Doing what I love is not selfish, but it takes time, effort, planning, and sometimes, sacrifice.


The Solution: For the first time in my blogging “career” (ha! if there was another word I would use it), I am planning and scheduling  my posts. Write 31 Days really gave me the confidence to do this.

My goal is to write on Mondays and Thursdays in 2016 and to plan my posts on a monthly basis.

All my posts are planned for this month! My theme for January is “New Beginnings.”

So many things in my life were not working in 2015 but I want to do better. I want to be more aware of what I need and want out of my life and to actively make changes when something is not working.

Here’s to new goals, new beginnings, and much joy in 2016!

What is not working for you right now?
What makes you happy?

What are you doing to make a change in 2016?


5 thoughts on “8 Things that Didn’t Work for me in 2015 (continued)

  1. Have you had much luck with audiobooks? That has been my salvation as far as reading goes this past year. When in too much pain to read a physical book, I can usually at least listen, and I can also listen when going to and from campus, when I’m cooking, when I’m cleaning… I’ve become addicted.

    On the other hand, I do miss physical books, so I’m planning on trying to have a physical book going at any given time, as well. We’ll see how that goes…


    1. I would love to utilize audio books but silence and the time to listen without being interrupted is like spotting a unicorn. Even in the car, someone is always trying to talk to me/ crying/ hollering / etc. Sigh…I’d love to be able to use them in the future though.


      1. Ah, yes, that is true. I forget, especially since our “toddler” the ferret is always silent in her mischief. 😛


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